Vitali-Chi Testimonials

Welcome to Vitali-Chi!

We're here to help YOU. Whether you or your clients need more energy, therapeutic healing or would just like to improve sleep or meditations, we have the answer for you: It's called Vitali-Chi and it delivers 'Energy For Life'. If you are a practitioner, you may also be very interested in the overall healing power of Vitali-Chi as it's very powerful, effectively unlocking the body's own ability to heal, all without invasive drugs and needles.

We've Harnessed The Power!

Using awesome Chi energy (discovered by the Chinese some 5,000 years ago) we have built on the pioneering 20th century work of Leon Ernest Eeman, Edgar Cayce and Dr.Royal Raymond Rife to develop Vitali-Chi. We have further supplemented their ground breaking work with our unique style and ideas to develop Vitali-Chi, which is currently patent pending.

Extraordinary Results

We concur with their findings that there is a lot to be gained with a balanced Chi and Vitali-Chi is great at doing just that; balancing energies in the body and the wider energetic field often called the aura. It also induces deep relaxation and can be used to deliver healing substances vibrationally.

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A Cure For All?

In our own tests, we have achieved some extraordinary results but as these were not conducted under laboratory conditions we will not make any claim as to the effectiveness of Vitali-Chi. For example, Rife claimed that he could cure cancer by attacking the specific frequency of the disease. Others have also claimed that cancer could be cured by 'zapping' certain parasites. Eeman certainly healed his own badly damaged body by the use of his circuit. We will not make any such claims but...

Our Confidence

...we are confident you will be delighted with the results that you achieve, in the comfort of your own home (or practice). We would also recommend that you attend one of our workshops for more information, or to become a qualified Vitali-Chi practitioner. Free trials can also be arranged. We are that confident you will be delighted with the outcome, either as a practitioner or end user. Believe me, our confidence is justified! Just look at some of our testimonials, they are growing by the week.