Attending the Vitali-Chi 2 Day Life Changing Practitioner Workshop will probably be one of the best and most important weekends of your life. That’s why we call them ‘life changing’. However, we are also aware that affordability can be an issue, so here are our top tips to get in the door:

  1. Book Early Bird – You will save £200 off the normal price and still get over £1500 worth of value.
  2. Sign Up As An Affiliate – You will save a further 10% off the ticket price, subject to you getting someone else to come along (who will also make a saving off the normal price). There is no limit to the number of people who you can get to come along, so, in theory, they could pay for your entire ticket (and more).
  3. Spread the Payments – Over 5 months, interest free (subject to 3 payments being made before the workshop).
  4. Golden Ticket – Get someone to nominate you for a Golden Ticket. Or nominate someone else!
  5. Host A Workshop – If you get 10 people together, we will come to you, anywhere in the UK (and your ticket will be f-ree).

So, there you have it. I do hope that you can join us. It’ll be so worth it (and life changing). We promise!


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