The human body is an energy system. Both the ancients and the modern scientist agree that everything in life is formed of vibration. Vibration is the movement of sub-atomic particles called electrons and protons that are contained within atoms and molecules that every substance consists of. Vibration exists in objects, in animals, in people and in the atmosphere around us.

The human body is made up of energy fields which surround and emanate energy and interact with the physical body and its various functions.

The Meridians

We have channels of energy called meridians which connect the organ systems with each other and supply the entire body with life energy. When an unhindered flow of energy is possible and we take in enough energy, we are physically and psychologically healthy. However, if there are disorders or blocks in the energy flow, certain parts of the body are under supplied as a result.

The meridians are supplied by vortexes of energy called chakras which collect energy from the aura that is all around us.

The Aura (Subtle Bodies)

The aura is comprised of two parts – subtle bodies and energy emanations. The subtle bodies are bands of energy of varying intensity and vibration that surround and interpenetrate with the physical body.

All of the organs, tissues and systems within our body are comprised of similarly vibrating atoms.  If something such as an allergen or contaminated food substance enters the body, it can alter the normal vibrational pattern of the body or a particular system. Along the same line, an unbalanced emotional or mental attitude can create a misalignment of the subtle bodies with the physical, altering the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating toxins and negativity that can hinder our body processes. We need to re-instil a proper flow of energy. Many times we fail to realise that the body knows how to take care of itself.  Unfortunately, we do get in its way.  We give it the wrong kinds of food, overwork it and don’t allow it to rest. We expose it to stress and negativity, hold onto emotions and attitudes that can short circuit its energy flow, causing weaknesses and imbalances.

We may be affected by any energy around us, and will either resonate or repel as such. This includes the food we eat, the air we breathe as well as the environment and people we are exposed to.

Your physical body does not function on its own, but is connected to your behavioural choices in life, your emotions, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs as well as to your sense of purpose or meaning in life.

Every thought and feeling you have is translated into chemical messenger molecules known as neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and steroid based hormones. These three groups of compounds are called ligands which comes from the root ligare – ‘to bind’, meaning that they bind the invisible world of thought and feeling with the physical world of flesh and bone.

We often ignore the body’s cry for help, for something to change to reduce the stress on the body.

In order to achieve optimal health, you must learn to identify and listen to the powerful voice of wisdom within you. It cries out to help guide you in making the right decisions for your health, for your life, for your career, for your spiritual happiness and for your overall sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Learning how to listen to this voice is the very essence of contacting the healer within.

Our Major Chakras

We have seven major energy centres called chakras that draw spiritual energy into us. The harmonious use of each chakra is essential to our well being, and our wholeness.

The seven major chakras are located near major endocrine organs in the physical body and are connected to the functioning of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body. They are responsible for processing the spiritual energy into usable energy for the physical body. They do this by changing very high fine vibrations to lower, thus slower, vibrations that can be used by the physical body.

Chakras are fundamental to healing and if we were to study each chakra we would discover which ones needed to be worked with, cleansed or balanced. Then we would have a better understanding of illness and symptoms or states of imbalance that manifest. Imbalances need to be corrected at the deepest, essential level by the individual. This is empowering and deeply transformative. If the person does not change the underlying pattern that caused the dysfunction in the first place then the chakra will go out of balance again.

Normalising and harmonising our chakra functions is important for the healing of specific aspects as well as for increasing our available energy in general and for becoming whole and balanced.

The Major Chakras and The Nervous System

Just as electricity flows most easily through the pathways of wiring, so does chi (life force) flow most easily along the conduits the body has established for the flow of (a) nerve impulses, (b) blood, and (c) breath.

And just as electricity pools and swirls in areas where a lot of wiring comes together, so does chi in the body.

The physical areas are called plexuses: major aggregations of blood and nerve vessels.

The pools and swirls of energy are called chakras.

The lower chakras are associated with instinctive and survival traits; the middle ones are associated with emotional being and the higher ones are more related to consciousness and higher intuition

Our Transpersonal Chakras
Vitali-chi activates and permeates our soul-level chakras – also known as our Transpersonal Chakras which bring the person greater spiritual insight

Awakening our Subtle Bodies and Chakras

As we awaken our subtle bodies and chakras on deeper levels we are able to access our personal soul blueprint with greater ease. This process guides us in the unfolding of our soul’s progression. It helps us to remember our purpose and creative power and assists our awareness of our expansive and limitless nature.

Transpersonal Chakras and the Master Cell

The transpersonal chakras are each directly linked to our master cell which houses our soul blueprint (our personal Akashic record) which connects us energetically to the soul of humanity and ultimately to the source of creation. It is the master cell that communicates with all of our chakras and every level of our etheric field.

Development of the transpersonal chakras is an important step in the complete awakening of our soul blueprint. It is through such development and awakening that our ability to ground high-frequency light is enhanced. Each transpersonal chakra functions as a portal which links us with a specific aspect of the progression of our soul. This is similar to the way each of our major chakras serves as a link to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The transpersonal level of our root chakra – located at the base of our spine, is where we store all of our belief systems and link with the planetary consciousness through these beliefs. If we are to be fully open to changing outmoded belief patterns from simple beliefs to a healthy soul knowing of our truth, it is important to integrate and anchor what we are learning and remembering. .

Functions of the Transpersonal Chakras

The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the Akashic records. The Akashic records are an important spiritual library that can assist in the process of our soul’s progression. It is believed that a record of all lifetimes, thoughts, actions, and energy in any form are archived there. Spiritualists and theosophists explain that Akasha can be defined as ‘astral light’. In Eastern philosophies Akasha is defined as ether that contains material and spiritual energy.

The causal chakra is the centre that accepts the ‘dosages’ of light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activation of the crown, brow and throat chakras.

There is also an important emerging transpersonal chakra called the Etheric Heart (Thymus or Seat of The Soul) in the upper chest which governs compassion and inner peace and the connection to world soul.

If the base chakra is where we store our fundamental beliefs and the Etheric Heart blends these ever-changing beliefs with Universal love and compassion then when love and compassion blend, a frequency is formed that energises the peace ray. When this energy is introduced to our lower chakras, our fundamental beliefs begin to awaken to a profound knowing that we can and we are creating peace within our own being, and ultimately the world.

The earthstar is where we anchor our belief system, or our soul knowing, into our daily life. The energy residing in the earthstar is that of personal self-expression. We express ourselves in many ways, through our actions, our words, our thoughts, and the energy we hold. As we consciously seek to open more to the true expression of our soul, the earthstar supports the unfolding of our Divine purpose.

We may transmit either our limited beliefs or our true soul knowing and remembrance of our purpose into the very core, or heart, of the earth. The core of the earth is a like a great mirror; it reflects back to us what we are anchoring within her.

Awakening our consciousness

Vitali-chi helps awaken our consciousness. It helps us to access new information from the collective consciousness which is known as The Universal Mind and our galaxies (galactic consciousness) by accessing even higher chakras that reach these higher realms.

This is where VITALI-CHI BALANCE can help as it balances existing energetic pathways and aligns them correctly. All you do is lie down or lay back in a reclining chair and relax with one pad tucked under your neck, another beneath the base of your spine. Additionally, each hand is connected to the alternate foot by copper woven straps.

Then whilst you listen to the provided and very soothing music you should drift off into a blissful slumber. Your body will wake you up when its energy has been realigned, usually within 15 to 30 minutes. You will awake feeling refreshed, re-energised and totally revitalised.

This is the ultimate ‘power nap’ and the perfect meditation. Full instructions come with every package, along with the healing Solfeggio frequency CD, the copper mesh head and spine pads and the hand and foot connectors. All contained in portable and convenient packaging, along with protective, washable cotton covers for the copper pads.


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All you need to help you on your meditation journey. Vitali-Chi Balance may also improve your sleep patterns and regulate blood pressure. Other wondrous things may also happen. Total relaxation in a box…highly recommended! Your Balance contains:


    • 1 set of head and spine copper mesh pads

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According to the most ancient cultures dating back to pre-Bible, we have been aware of a life fo

rce surrounding the human body. Chinese and Ayurvedic medical tradition has a 5,000 year history based on health that incorporates the

various levels of subtle energy that surround the human body. This energy, known as your life force, travels through channels in and around the body’s electrical circuit. If the energy does not flow smoothly and freely, ill health occurs.

VITALI-CHI ENERGY BALANCING SYSTEMS regulate, re-align and rebalance this life force and the flow of your body’s life energy. VITALI-CHI BALANCE is a simple, external, passive non-mechanical device that helps conduct and circulate the body’s natural energy known as chi, prana, life energy etc. by connecting different parts of the body with copper. By clearing the energy flo

w of any obstruction means that the life force can now move in one continuous smooth circuit. It is this vital natural energy, that when flowing smoothly and freely can prevent and heal disease. It can be either energising or relaxing, since it works towards balance in whichever way the body needs.

Connecting the meridian termination points in the hands to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of th

e spine augments bodily energy flow. It is made from copper as this is an excellent conductor for energy and copper mesh pads are connected via insulated copper wire to the rest of the body. The mesh pads act like antennae to capture and radiate the energy while the fabric covered copper straps make contact with the meridian points in the hands and feet. By externally linking primary energy centres VITALI-CHI BALANCE harmonises the flow of life energy in and around the body so that tension and stress are relieved. The copper mesh pads are placed

at polarity axes; the base of the skull, the spine, the palms of the hands and the balls of the feet. The spinal line is a major conduit and hands and feet are strong terminals.

It is based on a simple relaxation or biocircuit, invented by Leon Ernest Eeman in the 1920’s. Like water seeking its own level, the life force moves spontaneously to redistribute itself, correcting maldistribution and imbalance. VITALI-CHI BALANCE is the external structure through which that redistribution can occur. It can be used purely on its own as a relaxation circuit and use

d in this way, muscular tension is released, respiration becomes deeper and the whole body feels calm and peaceful. It will also naturally stimulate the life force within the energy circuit if that is what is needed and in doing so awakened energy is revitalised. Thousands of people have testified to the amazing and subtle efficacy of biocircuits over their eighty year history.


VITALI-CHI BALANCE works to balance your body’s energy by connecting the meridian terminations in your hands and feet to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine. These movements occur as a result of the three axes of polarit

y that are found in the body. Head to toe, right side to left, and back to front. Copper acts as an excellent conductor for this energy and con

nects the copper pads with the copper woven hand and foot connectors. If you would like a deeper, more scientific, explanation, then please follow the link to The Science Behind Vitali-Chi.

All you do is lie down or lay back in a reclining chair and relax with one pad tucked under your neck, another beneath the base of your spine and copper woven straps are attached to your hands and feet. In just 15 to 30 minutes, your whole body and mind will feel calmer and more peaceful, centred, balanced and refreshed. Jill demonstrates how easy it is to set up in the video below:


VITALI-CHI BALANCE is based on a simple but universal principle: When the body’s primary energy centres are linked together, energy flow is profoundly enhanced, relieving stress and tension. Balancing your whole person can be especially effective if your nervous system is imbalanced, or if you are suffering from elevated stress or fatigue. You may also find that VITALI-CHI BALANCE slows and strengthens your pulse rate and lowers your blood pressure if it is high. You will notice that your breath deepens and you will have improved sleep. You may also feel an increased vitality and rejuvenation after illness. An increased sensitivity to life energy may occur and you may experience enhanced intuitive abilities because of the increase in the flow of your life energy. You will undoubtedly have an improved meditation as VITALI-CHI BALANCE promotes a deeply relaxed and intelligent trance state. You may also find an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing as VITALI-CHI BALANCE releases hidden emotions, memories and patterns of bodily tension.

VITALI-CHI BALANCE may also balance the ill effects of jet-lag and prevent, reduce and speed recovery from exhaustion after flying.


All you need to help you on your meditation journey. Vitali-Chi Balance may also improve your sleep patterns and regulate blood pressure. Other wondrous things may also happen. Total relaxation in a box…highly recommended! Your Balance contains:

    • 1 set of head and spine copper mesh pads

Please click here to purchase.


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