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October 22, 2015
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V-Chi Meno-Eze Spritzer – Helps Menopause Symptoms, Restores Hormonal Balance. Help for Hot Flushes


  • Meno-Eze Spritzer serves as an effective menopause aid
  • Eases hot flushes and assists the transition process
  • Wellbeing Spritzer contains multiple bioresonance frequencies retained in distilled water
  • Natural, cruelty free therapy. Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. No harmful chemicals/synthetics. Earth friendly materials
  • Available in 50ml blue glass bottles
  • V-Chi Meno-Eze Spritzer should be taken as a complete course of two or more 50 ml bottles for best



Sail Smoothly Through the Menopausal Period, use V-Chi Meno-Eze Spritzer

Menopause is a natural process, a change that is difficult to understand but certain to occur in every woman. Use V-Chi Meno-Eze Spritzer, a natural menopause aid, to make this important transitional phase in your life easier and more comfortable to adopt. Apart from age, menopause can occur due to a number of other reasons. These causes include smoking tobacco, ovary removal surgery, and some types of chemotherapy. Symptoms of menopause include weakness, stiff joints, hot flashes, heart palpitations, dry, itchy skin, heavy night sweats, anxiety, poor memory, depression and easy irritability. With Meno-Eze spritzer you get the power to deal with all these symptoms with a relaxed and calm state of mind.

V-Chi wellbeing spritzers use a carefully assembled blend of bioresonance frequencies, created from chosen gems, healing stones, crystals, and tissue salts. These frequencies have been
captured in pure, distilled water, giving you a practical way to treat yourself with bioresonance. Since the underlying cause of menopause is fluctuating hormonal changes, bioresonance therapy is the perfect way to address them as it helps the cells to emotionally detox and then re-messages them with new patterns of behaviour.

Our perfect sized spray bottles are easy to have on your person, your workplace or keep it handy in the dashboard of your car.

Usage instructions:

  • Spritz once in the mouth 8 times a day

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

Additional information

100 ml, 50 ml

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