Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear Package
December 2, 2016
Super eze package
Super Eze Repair Package
December 2, 2016

Super Aura & Chakra Repair Package

£55.00 £45.00

The new year can always create a weakened Aura due to so many different emotions and feelings.

We have decided to create this awesome package to help cleanse, purify and repair your multiple auric bodies.


This ensemble can assist chakra function and repair, ground and protect you from psychic attack and to strengthen the mind, body and soul.


Contains: Multiple bioresonance frequencies, Bergamot, Bitter Orange & Patchouli Essential Oils



Treat yourself to this trio to help Emphasise your Super Aura and help repair your Chakras.

50 ml Super Aura & Chakra Repair Aura Spray and Room Conditioner

Super Aura & Chakra Repair AromaFrequency

You will also receive a Mini Aroma Diffuser to accentuate the effects of the AromaFrequency in your environment and an incredible Organza Gift bag!

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