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October 20, 2015
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October 21, 2015

V-Chi Super-Eze Spritzer – Helps To Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiff Joints. Natural Aid for Emotional Pain


  • Super-Eze Spritzer helps in relaxing sore muscles and stiff joints
  • Assists in getting relief from emotional and physical pain
  • Wellbeing Spritzer contains multiple bioresonance frequencies retained in distilled water
  • Natural, cruelty free therapy. Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. No harmful chemicals/synthetics. Earth friendly materials
  • Available in 50ml blue glass bottles
  • V-Chi Super-Eze Spritzer should be taken as a complete course of two or more 50 ml bottles for best results



Get Effective Relief from Pain with V-Chi Super-Eze Spritzer

V-Chi Super-Eze Well-being Spritzer helps in getting fast relief from muscular pains. Muscle pain is attributable to a number of causes. Maintaining wrong posture at work or during exercise, growing age, sedentary lifestyle, not making enough body movement throughout the day, harsh weather conditions, imbalanced diet, strenuous workout, injuries during sports activities or workout, the list is simply endless. Pain sprays and tablets claim to bring quick relief, but do it with a lot of hidden side effects. Their harmful chemical composition in fact makes the muscles and joint weak and more painful in the long run. Super-Eze Spritzer takes good care of the tightness and soreness in ligaments, tendons and bursa. It relaxes tired muscles, helps in fast recovery, and also addresses calcified bones.

These well-being spritzers feature the purest form of bioresonance frequencies captured from herbs, essential oils, vitamins, minerals. Bioresonance therapy is regarded as one of the most trusted alternative healthcare options, recommended by health practitioners across the world, including energy healers, yoga therapists, rehabilitation professionals and mainstream doctors.

Travel sized spray bottles are rather sturdy. Don’t worry about leaks. Perfected atomizing action for quick, precise sprays without spills. You can also buy the Super-Eze Formula in the form of a gel, bath salt or an aroma frequency—this ensures that you can involve gradual and effective healing throughout the day, even when bathing or traveling.

Usage instructions:

  • Spritz once in the mouth 8 times a day

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

Additional information

100 ml, 50 ml

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