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October 22, 2015
October 27, 2015

Vi-Chi Balance Meditation in a Box – Energy Healing, Meditation Aid for Home or Office with Mesh Pads, Hand-Foot Connectors, Soothing Music CD | Revitalizes Mind & Body


  • Tries to balance existing energy pathways, aligning them for better flow for more calming vibes
  • Helps to relieve stress that often accumulates towards end of a long day at office or long-distance travel
  • Improves your overall health – helps you get better sleep, keeps you calmer, more focused
  • Makes you feel refreshed – you feel re-energized and totally revitalized without using harmful medicines
  • Soothing music of meditation in a box helps to instantly relax the mind, at the workplace or at home
  • Great aid for quicker, power naps. Perfect gift for those who want meditation utilities

Vi-Chi Meditation in a Box: Quick Fix Cure for Stress & Anxiety without Medicines

Contemporary lives, at home and the office, are overridden by busy schedules, deadlines that need to be met. The result is a build-up of anxiety that starts affecting the body at the cellular level, creating the path for lifestyle diseases that can turn fatal or seriously lower overall quality of life. The emphasis is on finding quick-fixes. However, chemically formulated medicines, including prescription drugs, come with serious possibilities of progressive toxification of our bodily systems, often causing long-term damage. There is always a natural cure to such problems if you are ready to explore beyond the realm of over-the-counter medicines and synthetic aids that merely curb the symptoms. You need a more practical and soulful approach…!

Vi-Chi presents Balance Meditation in a Box – it helps you regain the work-life balance without trying anything addictive or harmful. Vitali Chi meditation kit is the ultimate power nap and mind-boosting aid. The packaged ingredients contain healing Solfeggio frequency CD along with the copper mesh head and spine pads and finely crafted hand & foot connectors. Regular use of meditation with these aids help in relieving stress, anxiety and balancing energetic pathways to make you a calmer, more energetic individual. It also helps the body to refresh and reenergize itself within a span of just 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

This Vi-Chi natural meditation aid is packed in a beautiful box – a perfect gift for someone you love or as a great corporate gifting option! The attractive box can be carried to a vacation or an office tour to ensure you don’t break away from your daily dose of peace, delivered via soothing tones, pads and connectors that help to align the body’s chakras or energy centers.

Contents of the Box:

  • 1 set of head and spine copper mesh pads [help to re-align energy streams in the body]
  • 2 sets of hand to foot connectors [helps to reinvigorate and balance body’s energy flows]
  • 1 Solfeggio frequency CD [helps to create a soothing, meditation-friendly aura]
  • 2 spare washable covers for mesh pads [ensures premium mesh pads retain their usability]
  • 1 timer [helps to time quick meditation session]

Usage instructions:

  • All you need to do is lie down on a reclining chair and relax with one pad tucked under the neck and the next under/along base of the spine. The hands are connected with the alternate foot via woven straps to help the person reach a zone of deep relaxation. You get washable covers for the copper pads that help to keep the contents of this holistic wellness box in prime condition despite regular use.

Note: This alternative method of mind relaxation and aura healing is not meant for replacing any on-going medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency. These items have been tested for hypoallergic materials and ease-of-use, and need negligible instructions to use.

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