October 21, 2017
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October 22, 2017

Is The Light Missing From Your Therapy Practice?

We know it is hard to start and then grow a therapy business. That’s why we’ve come up with 27 Bright (and inspirational) Ideas to help you on your way. So you can see what you’ll be letting yourself in for, please find a sample idea below:

Welcome again to the 27 Ideas. Here is the idea for today:

***Tell A Friend***

It is estimated that if you experience poor service, in a
restaurant for example, then you will tell, on average, around 12
other people. It is also estimated that if you receive good or
excellent service, you will tell on average only 3 people. Yes, the
bad news is that bad news travels faster and further than good
news. That’s why you need an incentive in place to encourage
‘positive word spreading’ about your product, function or service.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a “£5 off for your
friend and £5 for you” sort of offer, where you encourage your
satisfied customers to tell their friends about you. What’s in it
for them? £5 for every new customer they introduce. What’s in it
for their friends? £5 off your normal prices. The introducer also
scores some ‘friendship points’, assuming that their friend has a
happy experience. By the way, the £5 is obviously an arbitrary
figure and will vary from business to business. It needs to be
enough to entice action. You also need to make it as easy as
possible for the ‘word spreader’ and this would probably include
some sort of printed voucher. If you’re online you can get pretty
sophisticated and if you need more on that, please let me know.

Of course, you can also just ask people to spread the word, without
an incentive. This also works (that’s why you will receive the occasional plea for
help in your inbox), but in my experience, not as well as
when there is a carrot involved. For example, the reason Hotmail
really spread like a wild fire was the offer of a free e-mail account.

Finally, one of the most powerful ways you can encourage people
(not just customers) to spread the word is to start an affiliate
scheme. Simply put, you offer a percentage of the sale price to the
‘introducer’. Online I have known this to be as high as 75% for
information products and even as high as 100% (where the ‘seller’
is trying to build a list of ‘buyers’). This is how Amazon really
got started. They offered and still offer a percentage to their
affiliates. This starts at 4% for books and can be as high as 15%.

You see, you need an incentive to spread the positive word.

Do your customers have one?

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this idea,
please let me know. Just hit ‘Reply’ and it should find me.

All the very best,


Allen Jesson
Energy For Life

ps: Vitali-Chi also offers an affiliate program, so if you would like to
earn some extra cash by promoting our excellent range of healing products,
please get in touch and I’ll get you started.

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