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October 12, 2017
Bell’s Palsy Treatment
October 13, 2017

Meditation Advised By Royal National Ear Nose & Throat Hospital

Your Name?
What prompted you to join a V-Chi More Than Meditation (VMTM) session?
Advised to meditate by consultant at Royal National Ears Nose and Throat hospital London
How many times have you participated in a VMTM session?
What do you enjoy most about the meditation sessions?
the sense of being accepted, nurtured and treated with total respect for my feelings and senses. there is a sense of wellbeing and comfort within the class which was created by Dawn Waterhouse. I think that this session has to be experienced before you can make a decision on whether meditation is right for you. I suffer with tinnitus and following my session my receptors were calmed along with the tinnitus
What sets VMTM apart from other meditation sessions?
feeling friendly
Would you recommend V-Chi More than Meditation to others?
yes I have done
How did you hear about V-Chi More than meditation?
Dawn Waterhous
If you stopped attending, what was the reason?
Not being local to the sessions
Are you happy for us to publish your thoughts?
  • Yes – Name Withheld

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