Meditation In Schools
Vitali-Chi More Than Meditation has been specifically designed for schools, with 12 separate modules, especially written to deliver calm, healing and many other life enhancing skills and benefits. When coupled with our unique equipment, the experience is simply like no other. Why not try it for yourself?
Life Can be Stressful
Especially for today’s students (and teachers)
Whether it’s exam time, pressure from parents, bullying, poor social interaction, image and self esteem issues, disrupted home life, or any of the other myriad potential causes of stress and anxiety, there is a lot than go wrong in any student’s life. When you add in dietary issues and disruptive technology then it is no wonder that many struggle to pay attention in class and give each day their very best.
That’s where Vitali-Chi More Than Meditation can help. Our unique combination of specialized equipment, coupled with deliberately written guided meditations, led by experienced meditation leaders, delivers peace, tranquility, healing and learning, all in the space of just one hour. (Please go here for a complete list of benefits).
The results have been very positive, almost extraordinary. However, there have been over 3,000 scientific studies verifying the benefits of meditation and we have taken it one step further, that’s why we call ourselves ‘more than meditation’.
Why Not Try A Free Trial At Your School?
We would like to offer your school a try out of our unique and wonderful meditation concept. For up to 10, 15 or 30 pupils. Teachers can join in too!
Every session is run by a trained meditation leader, who are supplied by us (or they could be your very own teachers, who we have trained). Either way, they follow a carefully designed program, one that delivers therapeutic healing, relaxation, stress reduction and many other PROVEN benefits.
Our special equipment (which you may choose to own) helps participants get into a meditative state far easier than traditional methods. Even if they have never meditated before. When coupled with our exclusive guided meditations and mindfulness concepts, we have achieved some great results. The positive feedback so far has been very encouraging.
So much so that one of the schools has agreed to filming, so we hope to gain some extra media coverage in the coming months. We would now like to expand the concept and bring it into schools across the country. We would like your school to be part of this growing and pioneering movement, to explore the benefits that mindfulness can bring to pupils, teachers and parents alike. It really will make a difference.
There Is No Charge, Risk or Obligation
There is no charge for the trial and there is no further obligation. We do hope that we can be of service. All you have to do is give us a call or complete the form below and we will take it from there. All the very best, Allen + Jill
Directors – Vitali-Chi Ltd.
P.S. We do hope to hear from you. Thank you.
PPS This offer will only be available for a limited time. Please take advantage.
Please put the name of your school in your message. Thank you.
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