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November 29, 2014
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What are Photons?

A photon is a massless particle of light.

What are BioPhotons?

These are photons that have their origins within a biological system. For example, they are in every plant, animal and of course, they are in every human. Trillions upon trillions of them. Interestingly the meaning of biophoton from it’s Greek origin means ‘life light’ and we think that’s exactly what it is.

What Do Biophotons Do?

It appears that electrons and cells communicate with each other via biophotons. Billions of times every second. Imagine this: An oxygen atom wants to ‘hook up’ with two hydrogen atoms (to make a molecule of water). The oxygen atom sends a biophoton ‘flash light’ signal to the hydrogen atoms, asking if they are available for a ‘date’. They send their ‘flash light’ signal back to the oxygen atom saying that ‘yes, they are free, let’s hook up’. This exchange of biophotons then appears to create some sort of connection between the three atoms, pulling them together until they join up and live happily ever after as a water molecule.

It also appears that cells communicate with each other, and internally within the cell itself, sending biophoton messages to the various component parts of the bodily system. It is also further understood that cancerous cells lose the ability to message each other via this biophotonic system, effectively isolating themselves from the potential of the surrounding remedial reinforcements.

If you also think how a human egg gets fertilised and then starts to split, first into two cells, then four, then eight and so on, it becomes apparent that EVERY cell needs to know what the other is doing in order to successfully build a fully functional human being. So, there has to be a messaging system between the cells, one that happens very rapidly, one that says “I’m going to be an arm cell, I’m going to be a liver cell, I’m doing okay, I need some help with this etc.”

If you further think about the inside of a cell, then the DNA needs to communicate with the rest of the cell to bark out it’s instructions. Again, biophotons play a pivotal role in this process.

In The Science Behind Vitali-Chi we explore the tiny world of atoms and electrons and now we are getting tinier still, as photons are massless, they are err….just light. So, imagine a soccer ball, sitting on the centre spot in the middle of a soccer pitch. Let’s imagine that pitch is Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. It’s quite a big stadium and holds around 80,000 people. So, in our imagined world, the soccer ball is the nucleus of the atom, the exterior of the stadium represents the electrons, and then further imagine the whole of Manchester, bathed in a wonderfully bright light. These are the photons, trillions of them, effectively flashing on and off, billions of times per second, sending their messages of sub-atomic joy and despair to other interested parties. So, you can imagine the ‘football stadiums’ of United, City, Liverpool and Everton (sorry Blackburn) all communicating with each other, all connected by brilliant light (which is actually made up of little packets of light, the photons). In the sub-atomic world, some of those football stadiums would start to move toward or away from the other stadiums but hopefully you get the idea. Think of billions of football stadiums, all surrounded by brilliant light and you are then starting to imagine just what is going on inside everyone of us, and that is the ‘life light’. That ‘life light’ is our ‘Chi’.

Importantly, when your ‘life light’ starts to dim, that’s when disease starts to take hold, where melancholy or depression begins, or just where you start to feel the loss of ‘the joy of life’. Vitali-Chi can definitely help with this regard and is scientifically proven to do so.

What Research Has Been Done On This Subject?

You can see the impressive results of the Vitali-Chi biophoton testing here. If you want to go further ‘down the rabbit hole’ then follow the links, which open in a new window:

Alexander Gurwitsch, winner of the Stalin prize and discoverer of the photon messaging system.

Fritz Albert Popp and Dr. Michael Koenig. All have played significant roles in identifying biophotons as potentially vital measures of cell and life energy.

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