If you have arrived at this page we should already have had some discussion about your meditation business. You will also have indicated a preference for a particular postcode area and we will have confirmed that the postcode is available.

So, in order to temporarily secure your postcode area, we ask for a REFUNDABLE deposit of £100. This really is a measure of your commitment and it is our way of sorting the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and like we said, it is totally refundable, should you choose to, for whatever reason, not go ahead. After all, we would like you to take time to speak to an accountant, your friends and family and do some market research.

Then when you’re totally happy, we can proceed and this £100 will be used as a down payment. In the meantime, this deposit will secure your postcode for a period of 28 days, so you will be safe in the knowledge that when you do choose to proceed, no one else has beaten you to it. Just click the Buy button below to secure your postcode. Thanks Allen


Vitali-Chi Limited is a registered company in the UK, company number 8633023.

Vitali-Chi is a registered trademark.

Vitali-Chi Balance and Vitali-Chi Boost are both patent pending. British Patent Application No. 1316521.2



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