November 1, 2017
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November 5, 2017

If you look at our map of Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioners and V-Chi Relax Leaders, you can see that we have a decent concentration in the South East. This has been quite deliberate as we have targeted our marketing efforts in that area. However, it is now time to ‘spread our wings’ and we know we can’t do that all by ourselves. That’s where you may come in as we are looking for Regional Managers to take the Vitali-Chi concept into your given area. If of interest, you will be:

  1. Already qualified in some sort of alternative therapy (such as Reiki etc.)
  2. Have a desire to help heal many people (and spread the word).
  3. Willing to invest £2,950 to attain all the training and equipment to then be able to teach others how to become a Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner and/or run their own V-Chi Relax groups.

You will be richly rewarded, receiving a percentage of ALL sales in your region, along with specific incentives and training fees and you should be able to recoup your initial investment within a matter of months (especially with our new product range being launched in the New Year). You will also receive fanatical support from all at Vitali-Chi, so if of interest, please get in touch here and let us know a little about yourself. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Allen

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