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January 25, 2018
Taster Days
February 16, 2018

Hi Allen,
This afternoon I took advantage of half term, and ran a parent & child meditation in my studio.  I had two mums, with three children between them.  I charged £6 per person for the session.
Here is one of the mum’s feedback.

‘Thank you so much for the session today. I know my two were quiet after and didn’t really say too much, but as soon as we left the studio, they were telling me how much they loved it. I asked them both if they’d ever like to do it again and was greeted with a massive yes! I’m so happy that they enjoyed it as I can see how much they would benefit from this on a regular basis. Being children, they would definitely have told me if they didn’t enjoy it.
I’ll keep an eye on your fb page as we’d love to come back next time. Thanks again ????
(name withheld) x’

PS I did the Pegasus story, and the mums loved it too. They would be very keen to see it in their respective schools. I am currently re-thinking potential ways forward, in light of this and a comment that Dawn made in an earlier message. Will let you know when I have fully formulated my ideas.

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