What Is V-Chi More Than Meditation?

After the successful launch of our meditation pilots we are now looking to introduce similar meditation groups to schools, hospitals and companies across the country.

Q. What’s this all about?
A. It is unique. A great way to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase happiness and focus.

Q. What do we have to do?

A. Participants lie down using our special Vitali-Chi equipment and the meditation leader takes them on a guided meditation journey, especially designed to deliver all of the aforementioned benefits, along with accelerated healing on many levels. We can supply the meditation leader and the equipment. There are also training and ownership options, so if you’d rather run the sessions completely in house, then that is also possible.

Dawn running a Vitali-Chi meditation session at London MBS in October 2015

Q. Can I organize a free trial?

A. Absolutely, we will willingly come along to your premises (within reason) and deliver a complete session for up to 15 participants. There is no further obligation and we won’t even charge expenses. It is a completely free trial (so your people can see and feel the difference for themselves). 

Q. Who is this suitable for?

A. In short, everyone. We have designed the sessions especially to be suitable for pupils, staff members, patients, executives, manual workers, teachers, teams, groups and a whole lot more. Participants need no previous experience and ALL will benefit.

Q. Yes, I am interested. What do I do next?

A. Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. There is also a lot more information here if you keep scrolling down. Thanks, Allen + Jill


Q. I have someone in mind who could run these sessions for us. What qualifications will they need to be a Vitali-Chi meditation leader (ML)?

A. Whilst no formal qualifications are required, we ask our applicants to have a keen interest in meditation and wellbeing, and a passion to learn. Obviously, an eagerness to help spread wellbeing in your chosen area is a valuable asset, along with a desire to be successful. Full online training is given, along with a comprehensive manual, scripts and a whole lot more. There are also ‘hands on’ training days available.good

Q. What makes Vitali-Chi Meditations different from the rest?

A. Participants use the Vitali-Chi equipment and that gets them into the meditative ‘zone’ very easily, even if they have never meditated before. They also don’t have to use the traditional cross legged position and many see that as a benefit. Participants choose to sit in a chair or most lie on a yoga mat on the floor. Every session follows a carefully constructed script, designed not only to deliver a superb meditation but to also help with the healing process.

Q. How much do I need to invest?

A. The Starter Kit of 5 sets is £795 and it is £495 for every set of 5 thereafter. So, for 20 participants (for example), the total cost would be £2280. The equipment and meditation leader can also be hired by the hour and that removes or postpones any capital expenditure required. It is anticipated that many will try the service for a month or two before making any substantial commitment.

Q. What’s included?

A. The Starter Kit includes: 1 carry bag, 5 paired ‘Balance’ copper pads, 10 hand/foot connectors, 6 cd’s and 6 mp3’s, 1 training manual, training videos, 1 timer, 5 eye masks, 2 pairs of socks, 1 Aroma Diffuser, 1 journal, 3 aroma frequencies. If required, V-CHI will ALSO provide a ML dedicated domain name (such as mersea-meditation.com), a ML web-site, ML dedicated email address (such as Dawn AT mersea-meditation.com), a booking system, payment gateway, ongoing training and support, 12 month V-Chi equipment replacement ‘normal wear & tear’ guarantee and further product development and enhancement as time goes on.

Q. Is Vitali-Chi a UK company and do you have patent protection on the Vitali-Chi equipment we will be using?

A. Yes and yes. Vitali-Chi Limited is a registered company in the UK, company number 8633023. Vitali-Chi is also a registered trademark. Vitali-Chi Balance and Vitali-Chi Boost are both patent pending. British Patent Application No. 1316521.2

workshop-vitali-chiQ. Do I need insurance or a web-site?

A. The web-site will be provided, if required, along with the Vitali-Chi equipment you need. We will also guide you where to get insurance from (if needed).

Q. What will my web-site look like?

A. Very similar to www.mersea-meditation.com but tailored to your needs. (Link opens in new window)

Q. Do you have any videos?

A. Yes, we have a few. Here’s one that will help explain the concept:


Q. Yes, I’d like to know more. What do I do next?

A. Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks, Allen + Jill



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