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November 15, 2017
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November 25, 2017

V-Chi Relax Testimonials

We’ve had a lot of great feedback from participants in our V-Chi Relax sessions. Here are just a few:

“I really enjoy the hour out of my week to relax and focus on me. It’s the only time I feel I can switch off everything and not feel guilty in doing something just for me.”

“After the first session I found myself to be very relaxed and the next day I found myself to be very calm and able to cope well in my job, which can be very frustrating and strenuous. I was calm when dealing with stressful situations and unusually didn’t get angry. Looking forward to more.”

“I enjoy the feeling of relaxing and emptying my mind of all the stresses of daily life.  A thoroughly enjoyable hour.”

“Had the second session of V-Chi today and found it easier to get into total relaxation, a feeling of floating. After my first session I felt clearer in my thoughts and was far less forgetful. I’m really pleased I have given V-Chi a try, and look forward to next weeks session.”

“Very relaxing and peace. The experience has left me feeling much less stressed and very happy. A must do in life.”

“Makes you feel very relaxed, a must do in life.”

“Great opportunity to do something I haven’t done before, made me feel refreshed and relaxed.”

“Would definitely recommend to anyone stressed.”

“I have been to several meditation sessions with Dawn.   I went to try it out not really knowing what to expect; Though the fact I went one would assume I had a subconscious need for some sort of “healing”.   After each session I tended to feel more confident in myself, walked taller and was a lot less “strained”.  The overall effect though subtle was a feeling of rejuvenation. ” ​JD Colchester
​Your Name?  Siobhan
What prompted you to join a V-Chi Relax session?
My life had suddenly taken a turn that I wasn’t expecting. I was in a really low place, emotionally overwhelmed, and I was diagnosed severely depressed. I am not a spiritual person but I did not want to take medication and I needed to try something to help myself to cope. I was having extremely bad panic attacks daily and since starting V-Chi I now have very little. If I do start to have a panic attack I now know how to breathe through it and not let it overwhelm me. Since starting V-Chi sessions with Dawn, I physically and emotionally feel lighter, I feel safer and more positive.
How many times have you participated in a V-Chi Relax session?
I’ve had 5 or 6 private sessions with Dawn and I will be starting classes next week.
What do you enjoy most about the meditation sessions?
I often find the sessions very emotional. I can feel all negative feelings coming out and it’s such a release for me. I come away smiling and feeling calm and happy. (Which I’ve struggled to feel for over a year now.)People say they don’t have time to meditate. I don’t have time not to!

(Copies of testimonials available upon request and there are more here).

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