The Benefits of Vitali-Chi More Than Meditation
We know that Vitali-Chi helps people get into a meditative state, far easier than traditional methods, even if they have never meditated before. Here are just some of the PROVEN benefits of meditation:

Focus and self-control

Changes brain structure and function

Attention and concentration

Improves our ability to sustain attention.


Changes brain waves, leading to higher levels of alpha brain waves

Academic success

Because of controlled impulses and focused attention

Time management

Improves time performance tasks

Relaxation Response

Heart rate and respiration slows and the blood pressure drops.

Stress management

Activates the “rest and digest” part of our nervous system

Immune response

Changes brain structure and function

Fear, worry and anxiety

Reduces the reactivity of the amygdala – the part of the brain responsible for triggering fear, worry and anxiety and feeling threatened

Depression and sadness

Releases chemicals that boost motivation, psychological stability and mood and which also create calm, contentment and security.


Relaxes and calms the mind of unresolved problems that inhibit sleep which affects all mind and body processes.

Emotions and emotional control

Increases activity in areas of the prefrontal cortex that help regulate emotions.

Memory and learning

Brain density increases in areas connected to learning and memory processing.

Moods, anger, tension and stress

Higher levels of brainwaves reduce negative moods and feelings including anger, tension and sadness.

Creative, divergent, cognitive thinking, insight and problem solving

Increases head space so aids creative thinking and also helps clear negative self-messaging which blocks creativity.


The more relaxed, grounded and self-accepting we are, the more we are able to relate to others.

Kindness, empathy and compassion

We become mindful and more observant of how we act and show more empathy towards others.


When we meditate, we become more capable of controlling, our thoughts.


When negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves come up during meditation, we practice simply noticing them in the moment.


Releases endorphins that reduce pain – these chemicals are far more powerful than the strongest painkillers.


Reduces activity in the sympathetic nervous system, which restores balance and homeostasis.


Deep breathing increases the oxygen in the blood stream which speeds healing to the lungs, the stomach and the vital organs.


Keeps the hormone levels balanced which leads to beautiful skin and radiant looks.

Spiritual wellbeing

Helps us to raise our energy vibration to a higher consciousness.


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