Meditation Leaders Wanted!
After the successful launch of our meditation pilots
we are now looking for motivated people
to lead meditation groups in their area.
No experience is necessary as the package comes with a complete training and marketing program….I’m sure you have some questions, so please read on….
Q. What’s this all about?
A. It is a unique business opportunity that will deliver greater wellbeing to a large number of people, as well as making you a profitable income.
Q. What do I have to do?
A. Lead meditation groups.
Q. What’s involved with leading meditation groups?
A. Full training is given, but in short, you welcome, demonstrate, and lead the group in meditation. Some weeks you will be gently talking to the group, other weeks you will follow a pre-recorded CD. Apart from some simple record and housekeeping, that’s about it. You also have a full check list to follow so you don’t forget anything.
Q. How does the mentoring work?
A. We understand that it may be daunting to start a new business or expand your existing business in a new direction. That is why, Allen, with over 30 years of solid marketing experience, will stick with you UNTIL you have generated your first £5,000 worth of revenue. This mentoring will include weekly Skype calls, face to face meetings, on the ground ‘shoe leather’, monitored action plans, marketing design assistance, in fact the mentoring package includes EVERYTHING you need to make your new Vitali-Chi meditation business a wonderful success.
Q. This doesn’t add up. You mean I can get started for for just £795 and you will give me £5,000 worth of mentoring? What’s in it for you?
A. We genuinely want you to succeed and our vision is to help thousands, if not millions of people enjoy the Vitali-Chi meditation experience. We know that we can’t do that on our own so by helping you to succeed you will ultimately be helping us to achieve our vision. It’s a genuine win win for everyone concerned.
Q. Do I get ALL my revenue from just leading meditation groups?
A. You can if you want to but there are also other lucrative income generating opportunities included in the package.
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Simply complete the details below and we will send you your
free ‘no further obligation’ information pack. Thanks, Allen + Jill

Q. Will I have to generate ALL my own business?
A. No! We are planning to introduce this concept to schools, hospitals, organizations and companies across the country and it is our expectation that a good proportion of your ‘revenue’ will be ‘got for you’.
Q. Yes, I am interested. What do I do next?
A. Just complete the form below and we’ll send you your complete Meditation Information Pack. More information further down.
Q. Can I do a tester before signing up?
A. Yes the next available taster dates are:
10am – 1pm OR 6pm – 9pm
Friday 24th March
Thursday 13th July
Friday 15th September
Q. If I enjoy the taster when are the next Meditation Leader Training dates?
A. The next training dates are:
10am – 4pm
Sunday 23rd April
Sunday 23rd July
Sunday 1st October
Q. What qualifications do I need to be a Vitali-Chi meditation leader (ML)?
A. Whilst no formal qualifications are required, we ask our applicants to have a keen interest in meditation and wellbeing, and a passion to learn. Obviously, an eagerness to help spread wellbeing in your chosen area is a valuable asset, along with a desire to be successful.
Q. What makes Vitali-Chi Meditations different from the rest?
A. Participants use the Vitali-Chi equipment that you supply them with (part of your Kit) and that gets them into the meditative ‘zone’ very easily, even if they have never meditated before. They also don’t have to use the traditional cross legged position and many see that as a benefit. Participants choose to sit in a chair or most lie on a yoga mat on the floor. Every session follows a carefully constructed script, designed not only to deliver a superb meditation but to also help with the healing process. The feedback from our pilot groups has been extraordinary and those groups continue to grow, both in popularity and in size of class
Q. How do I get business?
A. Advertise locally, encouraging everyone to ‘tell-a-friend’. There is a full marketing plan included in your Information Pack and that is available upon request. We will also find business for you and the free mentoring will also guide you.
Q. I already teach yoga. Is this a good fit?
A. Yes. In fact it is perfect for before or after your existing sessions. As well as the meditation all participants receive additional healing so it really does add another dimension to your existing classes.
Q. How much do I need to invest?
A. The Starter Kit of 5 sets is £795 and it is £495 for every set of 5 thereafter.
Q. What’s included?
A. The Starter Kit includes: 1 carry bag, 5 paired ‘Balance’ copper pads, 10 hand/foot connectors, 6 cd’s and 6 mp3’s, 1 training manual, training videos,1 timer, 5 eye masks, 2 pairs of socks, 1 Aroma Diffuser, 1 journal, 3 aroma frequencies and some initial marketing and advertising materials. V-CHI will ALSO provide a ML dedicated domain name (such as, a ML web-site, ML dedicated email address (such as Dawn AT, a booking system, payment gateway, ongoing training and support, 12 month V-Chi equipment replacement ‘normal wear & tear’ guarantee, marketing guidance and further product development and enhancement as time goes on.
Q. Is Vitali-Chi a UK company and do you have patent protection on the Vitali-Chi equipment we will be using?
A. Yes and yes. Vitali-Chi Limited is a registered company in the UK, company number 8633023. Vitali-Chi is also a registered trademark. Vitali-Chi Balance and Vitali-Chi Boost are both patent pending. British Patent Application No. 1316521.2
Q. I have an existing practice. I would like to explore becoming a Vitali-Chi Practitioner as well. What’s involved?
A. Simple. Just attend one of our two day workshops. More detail here (opens in new window)
Q. Do I need insurance or a web-site?
A. The web-site will be provided, along with the Vitali-Chi equipment you need. We will also guide you where to get insurance from.
Q. What will my web-site look like?
A. Very similar to but tailored to your needs.
Q. What sort of return can I expect?
A. That will depend on the package you buy and how many sessions you run and how popular they are. We have created 3 sample business plans and they deliver from £135 to £900+ per week. As a very rough guide, you should be able to net £40 – £70 per session,for a little over an hour’s work.
Q. Do you have any videos?
A. Yes, we have a few. Here’s one that will help explain the concept:
Q. Yes, I’d like to know more. What do I do next?
A. Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. Thanks, Allen + Jill


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