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Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing Practitioner Course Syllabus

Hi – We get through quite a bit in just two days. Please find below the Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing Practitioner Course Syllabus for 2017 and beyond:

Tutors: Jill and/or Allen Jesson and/or Dawn Waterhouse
Contact: Vitali-Chi Ltd. 12 City Road Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8NE
01206 385397

I. Rationale:
This is a high intensity two day programme for already qualified complementary practitioners and therapists that explores in depth a unique and advanced method of healing. It teaches how to use in practice a non-mechanical energy and wellbeing system that increases the potency of bioresonance frequencies which are safely delivered through the body’s energy system. This method assists the healing of all symptoms of the mind, body, soul or spirit.

Students receive a fully comprehensive manual and are assessed for competence throughout the course. A certificate is issued to successful students at the close of day two which is valid for obtaining Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing Practitioner Insurance and recognition from Professional Bodies. Every participant will have earnt 16 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

II. Course Aims and Outcomes:
The course brings together a range of key complementary aspects to aid the complementary therapist to focus and clear the central cause to ill health, obstacles to cure, fundamental dietary and lifestyle factors and a deeper appreciation to the modern day science of vibrational healing.

Specific Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course the student will:

Appreciate how disease is created
Understand how to heal ill health
Have a deeper understanding of how to release cellular memory
Appreciate the importance of detoxification in any healing program
Understand the significance of copper, Bio Photons, brain waves, square and sine waves, sources of toxic disturbance, the mind, stress, diet, water, exercise, breathing, ions, diet and sleep in healing
Appreciate the importance of vibrational medicine
Understand the body’s energy system and how it works
Have an understanding of the direction of cure and emotional detoxification
Understand how Vitali-Chi works
Understand how to use Vitali-Chi in their clinical practice and how to market themselves effectively
Be able to test their clients for frequencies and create a personalised Wellbeing Program
Be able to use Vitali-Chi and frequencies on their clients (subject to obtaining Practitioner Insurance and recognition from their Professional Body with the course certification).

III. Format and Procedures
The course is a full 2 days with ongoing assessment and monitoring by the tutors for competence. Respectful discussion is encouraged. 100% attendance and practical demonstration is required to attain certification.

IV. Course Requirements
To study the Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing Practitioners’ course, applicants must already be a fully qualified and insured Complementary Therapist and if not already so, they will be recommended to belong to a Professional Complementary Therapy Body.

Vitali-Chi Course Content
The following will be taught over the two days

1 Ice breaker and introductions
1.1 A fun quiz about our amazing Universe to get the brains working!

2 The Human Energy System
2.1 The Principle of Chi
2.2 Meridians
2.3 Meridian Frequencies
2.4 Chakras
2.4.1 Major
2.4.2 Soul Level
2.4.3 Master Cell
2.5 The Aura (and how to see it)

3 Live Demonstration of Vitali-Chi Boost
3.1 How to set up Vitali-Chi Boost – Demonstration
3.2 Using Vitali-Chi in a Clinical Setting
3.3 Making your client feel comfortable
3.4 Reverse Polarity
3.5 The Vitali-Chi Manual

4 The Science behind the Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing System
4.1 Bio Photons
4.1.1 What are Bio Photons
4.1.2 Measuring Bio Photons
4.1.3 Bio Photons and Scientific Evidence for Vitali-Chi
4.2 Brain Waves and Scientific Evidence of Theta Brain Wave Activity
4.2 Cellular Memory
4.3 The Process of Vitali-Chi
4.3.1 The Effect of Copper
4.3.2 Meditation The Importance of Meditation Simple Meditation
4.3.3 Sound as a Medicine
4.3.4 Vibrational Medicine
4.3.5 Square Waves “v” Sine Waves
4.3.6 Chi Balancing
4.3.7 Peptides
4.3.8 The Question of Placebo and Nocebo
4.4 Introduction to Sources of Toxic Disturbance
4.5 Bioenergetic Toxicology
4.6 Conscious Suggestion
4.6.1 The Mind
4.6.2 The Conscious, Sub Conscious and Super Conscious Mind
4.6.3 Negative and Positive Emotional States
4.6.4 Changing Beliefs
4.6.5 Reprogramming the Mind
4.6.6 Affirmations
4.7 The Importance of Relaxation

5 Detoxification and Elimination
5.1 How Toxins Cause Disease
5.1.1 How Cells Degenerate
5.1.2 Resisting Toxins
5.2 Detox Program
5.2.1 Water
5.2.2 Exercise
5.2.3 Breathing
5.2.4 Ions The Effects of Ions on the Body Natures Ionisers

6 Introduction to Working with Vitali-Chi
6.1 Affiliates, Distributers & Team Leaders
6.2 Designing an Advert
6.3 Forwarding on-line Ad
6.4 Certificate of Insurance

7 Monitoring Health
7.1 Stress and Anxiety
7.2 Stages of the Stress Response
7.2.1 Hormones and Stress
7.2.2 Stages of Stress
7.3 Optimum Numbers
7.3.1 Discussion and Practical Testing of Blood pressure
7.3.2 Discussion and Practical Testing of Pulse
7.3.3 Discussion and Practical Testing of Oxygen
7.4 The Nervous System
7.4.1 The Two Nervous Systems
7.4.2 Toxins and the Nervous System
7.4.3 Healing the Nervous System

8 Detoxification
8.1 A Detox Program
8.2 Ph Levels
8.2.1 Acid / Alkali Diet
8.2.2 Acid and Alkaline Foods
8.3 Food Choices
8.3.1 Low Gl Foods
8.3.2 60 Foods to Recommend for your Shopping List
8.3.3 The Importance of Enzymes
8.3.4 Beneficial Bacteria
8.4 A Healthy Immune System
8.5 Juicing
8.5.1 The Benefits of Juicing
8.5.2 Juicing for Particular Ailments

9 The Healing Process
9.1 Understanding the Healing Process
9.1.1 Chemistry
9.1.2 DNA
9.2 What is a Healing Reaction? (Healing Crisis)
9.2.1 Herrings Law and the Direction of Cure
9.2.2 Emotional Detox
9.3 Four Steps to Action
9.4 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in relation to the Healing Process
9.5 Regeneration
9.5.1 How the Body Heals Itself
9.5.2 Sleep

10 How to use the Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing System in your Practice
10.1 Disclaimers
10.2 Taking a Case History
10.2.1 Suggested Client Questionnaire and Practical on Case History Taking
10.2.2 Client Health Questionnaire
10.2.3 Client Diagram Questionnaire
10.3 After Care Leaflet
10.3.1 After Care Leaflet
10.3.2 Writing a Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Program
10.4 Vitali-Chi Frequencies
10.4.1 About Vitali-Chi Frequencies
10.4.2 Methods of Testing with Practical Demonstration
10.4.3 Choosing Frequencies
6.3.4 Using the Vitali-Chi Frequency Index
10.5 Administration
10.5.1 Ordering and Order Forms
10.5.2 Vitali-Chi Frequency Index

11 Course Administration
11.1 Feedback and Feedback Forms
11.2 Certificate Presentation
11.3 Group Photograph

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