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October 20, 2017
October 21, 2017

We are pleased to report that we will go past the ‘100 Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioners’ mark during 2018. We’re proud of that achievement and the sense of ‘family’ we are building among those practitioners. But why join them?

Why Become A Vitali-Chi Practitioner?

Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1. Vitali-Chi works. We have scientific proof and literally hundreds of testimonials to that effect. After a Vitali-Chi session, energy increases and as the cells become lighter and brighter, our immune system strengthens.

    57% Calm achieved during a 20 minute Vitali-Chi Session, compared to just 3% following traditional methods.

  2. You will help to heal more people, using our non-invasive healing system that accelerates wellbeing by realigning and rebalancing the body’s energy. It delivers safely and increases the potency of our branded natural healing vibrations, which treat the root cause symptoms of the mind, body and soul.

  3. We have over 1,000 formulated vibrations that assist in the healing of most ailments. You start with 70 which cover most of the common ones. They can also be tailored to your requirements.

  1. You can build Vitali-Chi into your existing practice, either as a stand alone treatment or as a welcome addition to what you currently do.

  1. When clients are on Vitali-Chi you do not have to be in attendance. This creates a welcome break for both of you and is a valuable part of the client’s treatment.

  2. You will find an immediate and ongoing increase in revenue, as word of mouth about the effectiveness of your new treatment will quickly travel.

  1. You will be provided with over 30 proven marketing ideas, along with some initial marketing materials.

  2. The V-Chi Product Range is ground breaking, which gives you an easy opportunity to maximize the revenue from every appointment, with repeat orders also creating an important revenue stream. Your clients will love our unique, affordable range that empowers them to continue a home health routine.

  3. For less than £1,000 you will receive the complete training, a 300+ page manual, 200+ slides, the Vitali-Chi equipment, along with the 70 frequencies, coupled with ongoing and fanatical support. Excellent value as the total package, when purchased separately, would cost over £1,500.

  4. In just one weekend, your life and the lives of the many that you treat, will be changed. For the better. Forever.

I hope by now, everything is Crystal Clear. So, if you would like to become a Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner, then you will need to attend one of our weekend workshops, which have been accredited by the FHT.

Full details can be found here:

I do hope that you can join us.

P.S. When you’ve booked, please contact Allen and mention “your special gift”.

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