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October 7, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Workshop and Vitali-Chi Testimonial

Although predomnantly designed for therapists, Vitali-Chi workshops often help the ‘therapists’ to heal themselves. On our  Brentwood workshop (October 2014) every participant scored us 10 out of 10. We know there is still room for improvement but it is deeply gratifying to know that we have ‘delivered’. We also received some wonderful feedback, such as from ‘Deborah’ the day after:

“Allen was talking about Post Traumatic Stress at the workshop and I woke up with it screaming at me. I have been playing the meditation cd since Saturday. An amalgamation of Mum’s suicide over 10 years ago, looking after Nan who was senile, unsupportive Dad & Brother, Failed ivf 3 years ago and last year the whole year of neighbours from hell to the point of being in fear nightly sleep deprivation, and I guess the health being such a struggle to live normally at times. The final straw was after giving up on getting pregnant and refocusing my life in complete acceptance, I thought I was pregnant this summer. Physical symptoms and a ridiculous amount of signs from the other realms. I didn’t know what direction my life was going in for a good 3 months and if I could be happy about a baby as my hormone imbalance was not giving me a positive pregnancy test (I thought).

I’m ready to let it all go. I have worked on so much of this but it’s obviously still in the cells. Lots of letter writing, Vitali-Chi, improved diet and exercise all on the agenda now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to you both. I can’t tell you what this weekend meant to me.”

I was delighted to receive such a positive affirmation of our work and asked ‘Deborah’ if I could publish the same. She kindly replied:

“Hi Allen,

I am more than happy for you to use this as a testimonial and anything from this message. I would appreciate it if you could change the name as it involves other people. If it was just about me it wouldn’t have been a problem. I will consider a video testimonial when I am feeling in a better place. It’s out of my comfort zone but it’s always good to push through that.

My husband ‘David’ has been in the loft two days on the bounce looking for the juicer. He can’t find it, so is treating me to a new one which I’m picking up today. I had smoothy heaven for breakfast, with almond milk. I’m a big fan. Thank you again for the fruit and veg. They are all going to be used in the best possible way.

I hope you’ve had some r&r. Am off to write some letters and do the exercises you showed us from The Art of Unity. It feels great to take charge again and feel in control. Thank you! 🙂

Love and best wishes,
‘Deborah’ ”

(as requested names have been changed)

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