Hello, let me tell you a little about myself. From a very early age I recall seeing energy dancing around the trees and being highly sensitive to people’s needs, sensing what they wanted from me without them actually asking me. So I started to follow my intuition early – pity I didn’t do it for myself as well as helping others – but then in hindsight I wouldn’t have gained such personal relationship skills!

At age 8, I have memories of chatting to old people on the bus to ask how they were and listen to their woes. Then at age 11 I encouraged my Grandad who lived with us to walk the length of our garden daily however slow with his walking stick. At age 12 I was collating pictures of vitamins and minerals in a scrap book just for fun! (oh dear!!) I couldn’t help it, I just seemed to have a fascination for health and wellbeing. So you could say I just acted instinctively with my vocation and without sounding too smug I just knew how to help people feel well. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that and for many years I studied wellbeing and still continue to do so to this day. In fact, the passion just keeps growing and the ideas keep coming as to how to help many people at once and not just in my wellbeing practice.

My trainings built from physical therapy to emotional wellbeing and I quickly realised that without emotional health you can get sick. Without relationship wellbeing and inner happiness even the finest athlete in the world wouldn’t be able to perform to their best.

In my 20’s I lived for 7 years in Johannesburg and made and sold Aromatherapy skin care products to hotels, salons and health shops and ran my own business with sports therapy where I gained much experience with professional athletes. I then returned to the UK and continued my quest for knowledge on health and wellbeing by training anywhere in the world I could to gain cultural experience too - but of course I had the travel bug by then and just couldn’t settle. I spent 2 ½ months in Thailand where I learnt to feel energy within the acupuncture channels to create wellbeing.

I continued my studies from physical therapy, Aromatherapy, sports massage, Thai acupressure, auricular therapy with laser, weight loss, nutrition, spiritual and reiki healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, Louise Hay Facilitator, psychology, homeopathy, counselling and relationship wellbeing courses, intuition and psychic development and last but not least the love of my life kinesiology.

I ran regular 2 day Louise Hay workshops and still use that training to this day to help people understand human relationship and not feel a victim of circumstance.

In 2005 I started to use a rudimentary copper circuit and over the following years used the circuit more and more in my practice. In 2010 I combined the circuit with the use of vibrational frequencies along with a ‘booster’. The results were extraordinary and word of mouth quickly travelled.

I told husband Allen my quest which was to help many people and not just those in my busy practice as I really felt I had a method of wellbeing. So in 2013, together with Allen we developed and launched Vitali-Chi and I trained further in product making, then wrote the training for how disease is made and healed and Allen put everything together to make the company happen. There is no way I could have developed it without him and our different skill sets complement each other well to this day.

Since forming the company we have welcomed many practitioners and Relax Leaders into the fold and continue to seek like-minded individuals who genuinely want to make a difference and help spread this breakthrough in healing. We have now amassed a massive amount of knowledge and it is our intention to share that knowledge, with as many people as we can.

I do hope this gives you a little insight into my background and trust in the company too!

Wishing you good health, all the very best Jill Jesson



Because we make every bottle with love, passion and care.


You Have Our Word

Jill has been a therapist for over 30 years and has trained all over the world. We use only the finest natural ingredients and we know what works. You can trust us and our product range. We will not let you down.


We Promise

We are a small company from humble beginnings. No matter how we grow in the future, we will remember where we came from and will strive to give you the personal attention that you deserve. In short, we promise to look after you.