Are You Tired? Stressed? Anxious? Can't Sleep?

Do you find it difficult to relax?


Do you suffer from 

any physical ailments? 

Would you like to let 

go of emotional pain? 

And improve your relationships?

If you answered yes, or even maybe, to any of these important questions, then you are in the right place.


 This is an exclusive LIVE online or offline, 

deeply relaxing healing concept. 


 Let us take you on a journey of transformational life-changing guided visualisations, mindfulness concepts and important life skills. 

All from the comfort 

of your own home, or in person group sessions from Relax Leaders offering this service.


Relax For Children!

We have a children's version too. Join in with your children, the first session is also free. 

You will all be taken on an imaginative journey, complete with incorporated life skills. 

Who knows? Maybe Pegasus and 

his magical friends will help your children?


You will be transported to the beyonds of your imagination. 

Has to be experienced to be believed, that's why the first session is free.  Yes, the first session is FREE.


"Fab session as always. Thank you Dawn. A little island of peace amid the turmoil."

"I was hoping to find a way to develop a more positive attitude to life instead of worrying about things that may not happen. The hour went very quickly and I certainly felt refreshed and calm.  Later that day I realised that the lower back pain I had been experiencing for the last 18 months had eased considerably. I am no longer feeling pain on  waking each morning or after sitting for more than 10 minutes.         

"Wow, Awesone, Thank you."

"My life had suddenly taken a turn that I wasn't expecting. I was in a really low place, emotionally overwhelmed, and I was diagnosed severely depressed. I am not a spiritual person but I did  not want to take medication and I needed to try something to help myself to cope. I was having extremely bad panic attacks daily and now have very little. If I do start to have a panic attack I now know how to breathe through it and not let it      overwhelm me. Since having sessions I physically and emotionally feel lighter, I feel safer and more positive."


With every session we take you on a journey to help you RELAX and release your stored tension. Each session is a unit in its own right, but when combined as a sequence of sessions, you build a complete course of transformational healing to help you let go of stored emotional and physical pain. 

We recommend you take the sessions over and again, as they gently clear stored emotional pain. With every session cleansing just that little bit more, helping you to heal whilst continuing your everyday life.

All sessions are held LIVE and are led by an experienced RELAX leader. If Online all sessions are via Zoom Link issued the day before the session. (Last minute bookings are subject to availability).



  • An exclusive healing concept
  • Enhanced by the use of Vitali-Chi equipment
  • Combines transformational guided visualisations, mindfulness concepts and life skills that make meditating and relaxing easy
  • During a one-hour session you simply lie down, recline or sit if preferred whilst your Relax Leader takes you on a journey of discovery and healing
  • Suitable for all ages and mobility
  • Helps to release emotional blocks that inhibit calm, focus, concentration and study
  • Balances the chakras to enhance health and relationship wellbeing



If you'd like to enhance your Relax experience please explore purchasing your own Vitali-Chi equipment because Vitali-Chi is an energy and wellbeing system that revitalises and regulates the natural energy that flows through your body. It is made of copper which has many healing properties and is a conductor of energy.

Vitali-Chi induces a theta brain wave state which is deeply relaxing. It is this meditative state known as the relaxation response that encourages the body to self heal. It helps to decrease the production of cortisol, the stress chemical which is responsible for causing pain, inflammation and the ageing process. The cells in your body are able to regenerate stronger and healthier therefore your immune system can become stronger.

The connectors which are attached from the feet to the opposite hands also have copper running through them. They are placed in a figure of eight which enhances a better flow of energy. This energy, when flowing freely, has the power to heal. 


  • Natural preventative health care system
  • Revitalises depleted energy
  • Enhances the Immune System by increasing communication to the cells
  • Detox – Assists the organs of elimination
  • Perfect meditation
  • Rebalances and regulates your energy and blood pressure
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Regular use can help you feel relaxed yet alert and focused
  • Cleanses your personal space (aura)
  • Calms hyperactive, agitated states of mind
  • Great for children
  • Induces a Theta Brain Wave State which is the self-healing state which:-
  • Encourages DNA to repair and heal
  • Increases production of hormones Melatonin, DHEA, HGH
  • Decreases production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue, inflammation and pain


Times are GMT (London) - ALL SESSIONS ONLINE 

Accessible Worldwide


Jill Jesson

Jill has been a practising transformational therapist for over 30 years and is a co-founder of Vitali-Chi. 


Wednesday 7pm Adult Relax

Tuesday 6pm Relax For Children


Dawn Waterhouse

Dawn has been a therapist for over 25 years, also teaching meditation, health and well-being.  Has run Vitali-Chi RELAX classes for over 5 years.


Monday 7.45pm Adult Relax

Wednesday 7.30am Adult Relax

Wednesday 1pm Relax For Children

Thursday 11.15am Adult Relax

Thursday 1pm Relax For Children


Kathryn Gillespie

Kathryn has a passion for helping others and an interest in holistic health and well-being. Her soothing voice really helps her clients to relax. She has personally experienced the positive benefits of Vitali-Chi, and has been running Vitali-Chi  RELAX classes for over 2 years.


Sunday 12pm (midday) Adult Relax


 This video shares the powerful effect of our sessions being run in a local school


You may already be aware that meditation is an effective method to improve health and overall wellbeing. Meditation and relaxation have been scientifically proven to:

  •     Improve mental health
  •     Reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression
  •     Lower pain sensation
  •     Improve memory and critical thinking
  •     Help overcome addiction
  •     Increase confidence and self esteem
  •     Improve the immune system
  •     Create an alpha brain wave state (alert but calm) long after a session has finished


 These before and after photographs, from just one Relax session with Vitali-Chi, clearly demonstrate that physical beneficial changes are achievable. This lady suffered from ‘Bells Palsy'.

We have collected a number of testimonials as to the efficacy of the sessions:

“I felt relaxed very quickly and my mind stopped spinning. Started to feel tingling in my feet and legs.”

“I felt agitated before and calm when finished. Also, I didn’t realise how tired I was and have obviously not been getting enough sleep.”

“I felt very anxious before the session and as the session went on the anxiety went.”

“I was sceptical at first, but it felt like someone was holding my hands and gently pressing the back of my thighs. Very relaxing.”

“I had such a lovely warm feeling, which left me so relaxed. Thank you for the experience.”

We’ll leave the final word to one of our leaders:

“I absolutely love leading the sessions and continue to be humbled by people’s reactions to the amazing depth of relaxation they achieve so easily, using a Vitali-Chi Relax system. Any doubts I may have had were very quickly dispelled, as clients are very keen to rebook and continue their incredible journeys.”

Relax Online

Our special equipment helps to accelerate your Relax experience. Here one of our Relax Leaders gently guides you through how to use your kit. To purchase your kit, please see your Relax Leader's booking page for details. 

The Relax concept further explained...

How meditation can reshape our brains

 This video ‘How meditation can reshape our brains: Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011’, explores that by “shrinking the amygdala” a patient is able to let go of learnt stress responses.

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